colectionez surprize de la gumele de mestecat, diverse colectii, cartonase, abtibilduri, stickere, hartii de guma, ambalajele de la ciocolata sau napolitane.
daca mai aveti pe acasa astfel de colectii si doriti sa le vindeti sau sa faceti schimb scrieti-mi la email

Va invit sa faceti un tur al sitului si la celelalte categorii de la meniul din bara de sus.
Ca sa fiti instiintati pe email cand apar noutati, apasati subscribe din meniul cel mai de sus.
ma adresez colectionarilor nou veniti, celor impatimiti, precum si fostilor colectionari care doresc sa isi valorifice colectia.

am foarte multe serii comune de schimb sau vanzare:

licitatiile se rotesc mereu in functie de stoc si noutati.
Cel mai bine intrebati pe blog.


About gumpapers
I collect things mainly from paper like stamps, inserts from bubble gum, chocolate papers, old books, tickets, and also old rocks, minerals, paitings, wooden objects witch I will gather them into a sepparate blog.

2 Responses to

  1. gaetano says:

    in the “FOR SALE” section
    I see 29 card or wrapper with space theme.
    What serie is it?
    How much for buy it?

    • gumpapers says:

      Hello gaetano!

      those 29 items are gum inside wrappers from the brand “Dandy” -Denmark , turkish licensed manufacture, and the name of the seria is “Cin Cin Uzay”.A complete seria contain 96 items from 1 to 96.
      Rarity of this seria is medium on a scale, or unusual related with other series.Price for a good condition wrapper from seria uzay would be betwen 5-10 usd/unit.
      My wrappers are much lower price, about $50 for all 29 pieces due the manually circumcized (cutt off marging with the scissors) by the former owner ( a childlish mania).
      Also I have many many series for sale, my collection contain over 10 thousands gum wrappers , ordinary series or rare.
      In the last years, the gum wrappers collection and sale began to drop down, replaced by other hobbyes like farmville, computers or just outplayed by old fashion coins collections.
      I have some new turbo gum 2014 issued, they have good taste but they cannot compare with the original gums from 1990 era.

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